Bewitching Dottie Bottle RECYCLE GUYS’ TIPS FOR A GREENER HALLOWEENER! Count Can-ula

Halloween is a very spooky time. Ghosts, goblins, witches and monsters fill the streets and eerie jack-o’-lanterns cast an eerie glow. But do you know what is the scariest thing about Halloween? It’s the amount of garbage we create at this time of year. That’s very frightening indeed!Plastic Boo-ttle Guy

Why not try a greener Halloween this year? Fill up your loot bag instead of the landfill by trying some of these ideas…

  • Don’t buy a costume. Make one! Use your imagination. Check your attic, basement and your parents’ closet to find a treasure trove of wonderful materials to make your costume. Some of Mom and Dad’s clothes from the 1970s might be scary enough to make the entire neighborhood run away!

  • Trade last year’s costume with a friend to get the most wear out of your creation. You’ll be a true original and a better environmental citizen.

  • If you don’t have time to make your own costume, consider renting rather than buying a costume. A rented costume is used many times over. That means less waste going to the landfill.

  • Use makeup instead of a mask. It’s safer and means less waste. But don’t buy over-packaged makeup kits. Choose materials that can be used again next year… and the year after!

  • Go green for Halloween!Go green by turning something orange into something black! Don’t throw your jack-o’-lantern away. Roast your pumpkin seeds. They’re delicious! After Halloween is over, use him to make a delicious pie or tasty muffins or send him to your compost pile. As your jack-o’-lantern decomposes, he will create a rich fertilizer for next year’s garden.

  • Franken BatteryUse rechargeable batteries in your flashlight. They’re safer for the environment. If you do use regular batteries, ensure that you save used batteries for the household hazardous waste day in your community.

  • Make your own “loot bag” by decorating an old pillowcase or bucket. Remember not to litter!

  • Make your dentist proud! Instead of passing out candy, give durable items instead. Colorful pencils, erasers and markers will last much longer than a piece of candy and won’t harm your teeth.

  • Make your own Halloween decorations. Stuff old clothes with newspapers and straw and add a pumpkin head to make a scarecrow. Make pâpier maché bats, spiders and masks. Click here to find out how you can make a “skeleton man” from your old milk jugs. After you are finished with your skeleton man, you can save him for another year or take him apart and put him in your recycling bin!



The “Recycle Guys” characters are provided courtesy of the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control